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    Es gibt auch schlechtes zu berichten... Es gibt einen üblen Savegame Bug der dazu führt das das Savegame unladbar wird. Soll am Sync mit dem Ubi Server liegen. Mir ist das jetzt passiert... AKt 2 fast durch und schon zig nebenmissionen abgeschlossen alles futsch. :reno:

    Der Online Modus ist zur Zeit noch recht Spaßlos. Jedenfalls wenn es um den Freies-SPiel teil geht. Das gehackt werden, beschatten, Entschlüsseln (CTF) und die Rennen machen mehr oder weniger laune. Mir bereitet es am meißten Spaß auf einem der Plaza zu stehen und mich selbst per Kamera zu überwachen wann endlich ein Beschatter oder Hacker die KI-Routine unterbricht. Sniper raus und den Kerl umgelegt bevor er überhaupt anfangen konnte.

    Dem Freien Spiel fehlt es wie gesagt an Sinn. Man rennt zu maximal acht durch die Stadt hat aber keine Aufgaben. Und solange man im menü nicht das sterben anstellt ist man sogar nur durch KI oder indirekte Explosionenn tot zu bekommen. Ich baue da stark auf Add-On oder DLC Content der auch diesem Modus spaßige Aufgaben beschehrt. Icho, Exter, Fourby und ich haben das schon ein wenig ausprobiert aber zu viert ist nix nichtmal ne lvl fünf vervolgung annähernd anstrengend. Schwerere Varianten der Konvoi, Gang-Verstecke oder das CTOS-Stationen-Hacking sind uns da durch den Kopf gegangen. ABer man muss halt sehen was UBI da noch bringt.

    Official Alpha 8.1 Release Notes


    Added repair wrench can now upgrade blocks like the stone axe can.
    It takes three hits instead of four. Also it repairs faster than a stone
    Added new holster and unholster sounds
    Added all lights now have a self illumination texture when turned on
    Added dirt under snow in snow biomes. Note you may need to start a new game to get this change
    Added window tag to windows so in future builds Zombies target windows


    Changed stone axe now takes 4 hits to upgrade ramps instead of three
    Changed scrollwheel timeout is changed now 800ms (old: 300ms).
    Changed hotkey timeout to 0ms (old: 300ms) this helps with
    holster/unholstering problems
    Changed river water so it adds 15 hydration instead of 10
    Changed Entities are spawning now 0.5 to 1m higher to adjust to the
    smooth terrain fixes zombies and animals falling through the world on
    Changed updated window reflections to correctly change brightness at night
    Changed updated window models to allow proper alignment
    Changed stone axe to dig dirt with 9 hits
    Changed shovel to dig dirt with 3 hits
    Changed doubled land protection of dirt to reflect new easier digging of non-land protected dirt
    Changed snow no longer drops dirt or clay, but just snow.
    Changed chat log buffer size to 50 lines to fix chat breaking
    Changed shotguns to do 120 damage instead of 96
    Changed Stamina now it only uses 75% of the stamina it used to so you can run a little further
    Changed street lights are turned on

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed a memory leak on dedicated servers
    Fixed Skylight windows in known prefabs
    Fixed connecting to friends directly from the steam friends list
    Fixed block entities do not show up in the preview window so windows cannot be seen before you place them
    Fixed players no longer get stuck in a 1×1 hole
    Fixed equipped like items like hats now go into your backpack when you die
    Fixed deprecated server issues. Should only show servers running the same version as client.
    Fixed some servers showing A8 and PVP
    Fixed resource rocks to drop resources every time you break them
    Fixed broken doors in the school from not opening
    Fix stamina so running uses stamina.

    Known Issues

    You have to hit Shift+Tab twice to bring up the steam overlay
    64 bit is known to unstable run it at your own risk

    Official Alpha 8 Release Notes

    Added full smooth terrain RIP minecraft looking world
    Added new per poly colliders for improved thrown objects
    Added airplane supply drops with configurable drop frequency
    Added new weapon holster and unholster system and sounds
    Added animation controller to rock resources so they can have break animations
    Added new sub biomes into most of the main biomes for variety
    Added lens flares to house lights, mining helmets and flashlights
    Added ability to break secure containers down into non-secure containers
    Added Delete All option to Drop On Death
    Added gascan recipe from grain alcohol
    Added “forged metal” item
    Added new model window blocks with environment mapping to all the
    Navezgane prefabs 3 of which support the new window upgrade/downgrade
    Added reinforced hard metal door


    Changed made high res old window frame, transparent glass, garage
    door, old shingles, painted wood textures used on world prefabs
    Changed wood frames so you can pick them up (useful for re-arranging
    your house) until they are upgraded. Once upgraded to a solid wood
    wall, if you tear down the old wood wall the frame remaining can never
    be picked up
    Changed FPVFemaleMagnumHold so iron sites aim with the magnum
    Changed pickaxe animations to have more weight
    Changed FPVFemalePickaxeFire Blending
    Changed wood ramp frames so you can pick them up (useful for
    re-arranging your house) until they are upgraded. Once upgraded to a
    solid wood ramp, if you tear down the old wood ramp the frame remaining
    can never be picked up
    Changed frames and ramps so they drop nothing when destroyed now
    that there are frames that can be picked up and used for scaffolding
    Changed cobblestone walls to be upgraded to the third tier using cobblestones instead of cement
    Changed art for cobblestone reinforced and cobblestone reinforced with metal
    Changed Sped up crafting of sharp stones
    Increased probability of finding iron ore
    Decreased weight of lead ore
    Changed block downgrade to drop items just like block destroy
    Changed various stacklimits
    Changed zombies path on smooth terrain (dogs/animals are very bad right now)
    Changed dirt to only be two layers deep so players only have to dig down two layers to make a strong foundation
    Changed dirt and stone have a 2x additional hardness underneath land claims
    Changed dirt and stone are harder to dig or mine
    Changed “New” and “Continue” game options to use categories and accordion style lists
    Changed removed boarded windows recipe. Windows can now be boarded
    up by repairing them with a stone axe as long as you have planks in your
    Changed mining helmet light to be more of a blue tone and lowered the intensity a little so it doesn’t blind the player as much
    Changed dying will now respawn you with 50% health, food, and water
    Changed removed Survival Mode (for non dedicated servers) and replaced with Survival SP and Survival MP
    Changed sticks burn only half as long
    Changed “wood framework” to “wood frame”
    Changed wood based ramp blocks to downgrade to a ramp frame
    Changed hard metal door texture
    Changed hard metal door recipe to use forged metal item instead of forging metal block
    Changed removed Dm and Horde maps. Horde like gameplay will be
    supported in Navezgane, Future new maps and the random generated worlds
    with game options in a coming builds
    Changed rebalanced wood cutting and wood base blocks
    Changed player names only shows if a player is closer than 3m
    Changed updated rock shader and glass shader to properly change lighting level at night
    Changed Increased durability of tools to compensate for harder wood and earth
    Changed increased block damage on zombies to compensate for much stronger forts
    Changed turned down volume of hornets flying
    Changed did Some dedi server speed optimizations
    Changed rebalanced all loot containers
    Changed Steam authentication port from 8766 to GamePort + 2 for scalability
    Changed added block durability option 25% durability
    Changed running no longer decreases stamina and stamina will no longer regenerate while running
    Changed stamina weapon damage reduction is capped to 50%

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed FPV water drink animation
    Fixed upgrade and downgrade path of new placeable frames for wood and rebar
    Fixed material bug on resource rocks
    Fixed explosions should consider land protection now
    Fixed zombie damage ignores land protection correctly
    Fixed water drink from playing after using last block
    Fixed trees too dark
    Fixed item duping bug when dropping and changing toolbelt items at the same time
    Fixed item duping bug when swapping molds in the forge
    Fixed item duping bug when closing the crafting grid with non ingredient items in it
    Fixed null reference error in telnet that would sometimes lock up dedicated servers
    Fixed: Holster/Unholster animation gets out of sync
    Fixed it so downgraded blocks do not leave a block
    Fixed knives so they can cut grass
    Fixed bug that sometimes on a server with connected clients decorations (like trees) were not shown
    Fixed problem that you could activate the same toolbelt slot twice by pressing the hotkey
    Fixed block rebarRampFrame renders adjacent blocks right
    Fixed dropping empty backpack on death or quit.


    AirDropFrequency – Added; How often airdrop occur in game-hours, 0 == never
    DropOnDeath – Changed; option of 0 (drop nothing), 0 now drops everything.
    GameMode – Horde and Deathmatch have been Deprecated commands will be removed in the coming builds

    Known Issues

    You have to hit Shift+Tab twice to bring up the steam overlay
    64 bit is known to be unstable run it at your own risk
    Playing with larger numbers of players can be slow to rebuild collison
    Cactus damage is inaccurate

    Es scheint das der nächste Release Build auf sich warten lässt aber für die von uns die gerne nochmal bei Starbound vorbei schauen möchten habe ich den Server auf den Unstable Channel umgestellt. Im Steam macht man dasüber Starbaund->rechtsklick Eigenschaften->Reiter Betas-> und dort dann im Dropdownmeü Unstable wählen.

    Official Alpha 7.11 Release Notes


    • Added new medicine loot group for zombie nurses and medicine cabinets


    • Changed reduced chance for finding firearms in cars and increased chance to find them in backpacks
    • Changed increased zoom on all weapons except sniper rifle
    • Changed cobblestone stairs recipe to use cobblestones instead of blocks
    • Changed removed cloth strips from the game and added more cloth
      fragments. All recipes that used to use cloth strips now use cloth
    • Changed barbed, iron reinforced clubs to use scrap metal.
    • Changed animal hide only yields 2 leather now instead of 3
    • Changed metal trussing recipe so it doesn’t conflict with grill
    • Changed barn wood recipe to use wood plank instead of the now obsolete old wood
    • Changed driftwood to create wood planks instead of old wood blocks
    • Changed trees now give wood amounts relative to their size

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed car and zombie cop death explosions not showing particles
    • Fixed voice chat not working on steam build
    • Fixed problem that on dedicated servers some block changes were swallowed by lp
    • Fixed frame rate problem
    • Fixed problem that some bushes did not show but slowed down the player
    • Fixed pig loot to always drop meat hide and bone

    Known Issues

    • The 64 bit version has been somewhat unstable. If your running into
      crashes try running the 32bit version by double clicking the
      “Install_32bit” in your SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die folder
    • Currently there are no upgrade/downgrade path for concrete, reinforced concrete or metal doors.

    New Systems Guide

    Alpha 7.10 came with upgradable downgradable blocks, land claims,
    friends list and locking doors and chests. Here is a little more
    information on how these systems work.

    Upgradable and Downgradable blocks

    • Players can build wood frames and while holding a stone axe with
      wood planks in their inventory right click on a wood frame block and
      upgrade it to a wood block and repeat action to upgrade it to a
      reinforced wood block. Then if you have scrap metal you can upgrade it
      once again to metal reinforced wood block. These same blocks can be
      damaged and downgraded to their previous states and then repaired and
      upgraded again.
    • There is also a higher grade cobblestone path that upgrades form
      metal rebar to cobblestone to fortified to reinforced metal concrete

    Land Claims

    • New players are awarded 1 land claim keystone block in their
      starting inventory if a server is running Survival PvP. Ways to earn
      more will be added in future updates.
    • You can kill players and loot their land claim blocks if they
      haven’t been placed or mine up a land claim block and steal it for your
      own so its wise to protect your land claim blocks
    • The keystone block is a special looking block that when carried by
      the player shows a 7×7 or server set protection grid rendered as a
      transparent green protected grid.
    • The keystone block offers durability protection 7×7 all the way vertically
    • Keystone blocks can be destroyed by other players removing their durability modifier of the fort
    • Only the owner and friends in your group can build blocks in your land claimed areas
    • Land claims have a no claim zone outside of their perimeter where
      only the land claim owner and friends in his group can stake additional
      neighboring claims. Default could be 30 meters measuring keystone to
      keystone (This could be an optional owner permission setting)
    • Only the owner of a land claim and friends in his group can add new
      neighboring land claims right next to an existing land claim but not
    • Zombies and owners/friends of the claim owner are not affected by claim durability
    • Players must revisit claim once a real-time day to prevent Claim Decay

    Land Claim Game Options include

    • Claim Size – Sets the size of the protected area around a land claim block. Default is 7×7 all the way vertically.
    • Claim Deadzone – Sets the distance neighboring non friended players can place their land claims. Default is 30 blocks/meters away.
    • Claim Duration – The number of days a player can be offline before their land claims expire. Default is 3 real-time days
    • Claim Decay Mode – How a land claim’s hardness modifier decays over time that the claim owner is not on the server. Default is Slow
    • Claim Health Online – The hardness modifier applied to land claims for players who are currently online. Default is 32x harder to destroy.
    • Claim Health Offline – The hardness modifier applied to land claims for players who are currently offline. Default is 32x harder to destroy.

    Friends list

    The new friends list can be found if click on the friends tab in the
    main inventory menu accessed by hitting ‘I’ in-game. From there you can
    invite players on the server to friend, see invites, accept invites and
    remove friends. Friends have advantages like sharing buildable areas,
    seeing each other player icons and turning on friendly fire if these
    options are set on the server.

    Locking Doors and Chests

    Players who craft doors can lock them, unlock them and set passwords
    which can be shared with other players. Note the player who owns the
    door or chest never has to unlock it or enter a code to open the door.
    Friends who know the password only have to enter it once.

    Official Alpha 7.10 Release Notes

    Man kann nun Land abstecken und Türen/Truhen sichern

    DAs geht hier schneller als in der Geburtsstation.

    Es scheint das Updates nicht zwingend den Server beeinflussen. 7.9 Ist mit dem Server Kompatibel.

    VIel hat sich getan. Die Grafik hat nen Zeitgemäßen Sprung nach vorn gemacht und auch die ANzahl Items / Blöcke und Rezepte hat sich im Gegensatz zu den ersten Alphas massiv erhöht. So sind zum Beispiel Die Blockkanten im Gelände automatisch abgeschrägt, von Dirt und Sand, so das es mehr nach Landschaft aussieht. Doch Pimp hat da noch Pläne natürliche Gelände komplett ohne Blockecken darzustellen.


    WIe man erkennt ist alles nicht mehr so kalt und grau... nagut es ist immernoch kalt und grau aber schöneres Kalt und Grau. Das Stealth System ist ein großer Pluspunkt und auch wird man nachts nicht mehr Automatisch Beliebteste Person im Gelände.

    Alpha 7.9 Notes